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Dijana Tashkova
Born in Skopje, finished Faculty of Law "Iustinian the 1st" at the university "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje in 2004, and works as an attorney at law since 2007.
Field of work:
- family law (martial relations and family matters, divorces, child support and parenting rights)
- labor relations (employee's rights, termination of the working relation, paybacks, litigation processes connected to legal injuries made by the employer)
- commercial law (founding a company,
changes within internal structure, status changes, merging, dividing, and liquidation)
- contracts and contract law 
 - Property law (real estate issues, litigation about testaments and hereditary rights,
gifts of real estates and legates, disbursing property among living etc.)

- hereditary contests and civil litigation in general, material and non-material damage reimbursement)
There law areas are focused on, but not limited to, above mentioned areas.
Speaks: Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian, English

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