In this area we can offer legal advice, preparation of documents and electronic and paper filing for registration in the trade register registration Registration agent if:

1. You need to set up – registered company (company) to establish a Citizens’ Foundation, a private health institution (pharmacy, dental practice, general practice), house council office, branch;
Making a change of president, partners, change the address of the company, increasing or reducing the share capital, merger of two companies, separation of a company more, acquisitions of companies or any change which must be signed in the trade register;
Providing documents: current status, verify if a bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding, verify if a prohibition of professional activity, confirmation whether a particular object or property is set, documents accompanying items to the tender documentation;
You have a company that you no longer want it to work – in that case we can help the sale, assignment or transfer of business (if you had positive financial results and have fixed assets), or close the company if you do not have debts with the liquidation and if you have made negative financial results and bills have been blocked, to start bankruptcy proceedings.