CONTRACTS – Composition of all types of contracts, consultations regarding contractual clauses, validation stamp from a lawyer; (Sale, gift, assignment, loan, lease, building, contracts with executives clauses, contracts for deed, contract for life support *); In case of dispute, we perform legal action for failure to fulfill agreements and the existence of the debt, and representation in civil proceedings.

The division of property acquired through marriage – advocacy, lawsuits, movable, immovable property.

Inheritance – Initiation of inheritance proceedings and advocacy, legal inheritance testimonial succession and inheritance based on contract for life support;

DECISION on approval of execution based on authentic documents – if you have outstanding invoices that are not older than 3 years, they begin and procedure before a notary, in which, after adopting a final and enforceable judgment can now be accessed forced execution of debtor’s assets.

Claims – You are injured at work or driving a car, your home erupted flood, electrical installation is corrupted … mediate and help in reaching a satisfactory agreement with insurance companies, and in case you are not satisfied with the amount offered, and you have a real basis to get more, will represent you in the proceedings before the Court.