If you are an employer, we can offer services of preparing internal regulations, rules and decisions, and an introduction to your rights that are entitled to your employees, HTP conditions must meet safety and health at work, which documents must to have and to keep in case of control inspections …

If you need assistance with registration and termination of employees by measures for exemption from payment of contributions to certain categories of employees, preparation and submission of the documentation we performed.

Depending on what kind of business you run, you will need a continued service in the field of legal rules and regulations that govern your field of operation.

EMPLOYEES ARE, and have questions or problems?

If you think working too many hours, you deserve better conditions, you are paid allowances for overtime, work on holidays, night work, your discharge during pregnancy, they deployed a lower position and you have lowered wages not received financial recourse for vacation, they were laid off without notice, have not received enough vacation days for all these problems and issues related to work can turn to us.